Mast-Jägermeister SE provides medical centre pharmacy with 50,000 litres of alcohol so that it can make its own disinfectants

The entrepreneurial Mast family is providing 50,000 litres of alcohol for the manufacture of disinfectants for medical facilities in the region via its company Mast-Jägermeister SE.

On request, the entrepreneurial family is making available 50,000 litres of alcohol to the Braunschweig Medical Centre via its company. With the help of the Braunschweig Fire Service, the alcohol will be taken to the pharmacy at Braunschweig's municipal medical centre.

In the pharmacy there, hand disinfectants will be manufactured for the hospitals in the region.

As far back as two weeks ago, the enterprise Jägermeister SE delivered a number of litres of alcohol to pharmacists in Wolfenbüttel as a kind of 'neighbourly good deed', and they made disinfectants from that for their customers. That undertaking provided the impulse to make a more major contribution in the struggle against the Corona virus.

"While we were involved in that commitment, we understood that there is obviously a high demand here. We were in touch with the Braunschweig Medical Centre as long ago as the beginning of last week. We're now proud to be closing ranks with our company and our foundations to provide help to counteract the threat of disinfectants running out. And we don't just see it as our responsibility to society as entrepreneurs, but also as our responsibility as humans who receive a request for help and duly provide it", says Florian Rehm, spokesman for the Mast family.

Chief pharmacist Hartmut Vaitiekunas said he was happy about this, and went on to explain: "The Braunschweig Medical Centre is extremely grateful to the Mast family for its commitment on behalf of the region. It's a great contribution to keeping the region supplied with disinfectants. Not only that: together with the Hazard Prevention Department (GAL) of the City of Braunschweig, the Fire Service, the Chamber of Pharmacists and the pharmaceutical wholesaler Kehr, we have worked out a plan to keep not only the Braunschweig Medical Centre supplied, but the region as a whole."

2.5 million protective masks are being delivered by air from China. The background to that is that intra-European goods traffic is disrupted at present and many hundreds of thousands of protective masks destined for the Braunschweig Medical Centre are currently held up at internal European borders.

"We're also expecting a delivery of a further 50,000 litres of alcohol from KWST of Hanover. A certain number of protective masks and a certain quantity of disinfectant are being issued to the public pharmacies via Kehr, the pharmaceutical wholesaler. They will then be used primarily to supply doctors' practices, old people's homes and care homes, and other medical facilities. If everything goes well, we will be making a contribution to keeping the region supplied with masks and disinfectants", says Hartmut Vaitiekunas.

The origin of the impulse for this support campaign was the circle of Braunschweig entrepreneurs, which meets on a regular basis.